Starlight, Come Back

Point past the sun
Yes, that’s where my heart leans
Through starscapes and wormholes
to travel to you
Of stars, there are many,
But you are the one
Transfixed to my lenses
To watch by all means
My sciences searching
A dream to come true
Infinite distance at infinite speed
Yet somehow I still am no closer to you
No compass to point me
Only stardust and dreams
And though I’ve been flying
Forever, it seems
There is no denying
My heart still careens
You’re so far away
In spite of the moonlight
And hoping you’d stay
To learn you, to know you
Your star speckled eyes
To study in detail
Your shadows and lights
I’d whisper your spirit
Like spells on the cold
I wish you could hear it
Out there in the black
I’m lost in this darkness
With noone to hold
My starlight, I’m waiting for you to come back


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