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  1. Hi Johnathan, thanks for following my blog! If you think of anything I could do better (I can think of lots of things myself) or differently, please tell me. I try out lots of things, and often it’s hard to know what works best. Again, thanks – Greg

    • Thanks for the shout out, Greg. Your blog fills a unique niche’ and to that end, I don’t know how qualified I am to offer much advice. It is because of the niche your blog occupies that I found it compelling. I think that’s the challenge for any blogger. Why should someone take the time to click through your posts? I think the best advice (advice I am still trying to follow myself) is to stay true to your niche, and consistently write. I look forward to seeing more from your blog! – j.d.schofield

      • Will do! i have such a broad audience that I wonder who I neglect. I do enjoy the ride, largely due to all the fine considerate folks like you who write back! Thanks – Greg

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