14 Grey Lines

  1. what a go we’ve had of this – stars backward, sideways, and every obstructive path to deploy such complicated patterns against us.
  2. though stars cannot be fully blamed – for i know my own frailty exceeding well.
  3. and if honesty should have her voice be known, we both are weak at times – you and i – these shipwrecked outcasts dancing on this tightrope between eternity and oblivion.
  4. we were never supposed to be here.
  5. and yet we dance.
  6. forward and back – side to side.
  7. and yet we dance.
  8. intersecting quietly between the black and the white.
  9. where the world is a blissful grey for us to color in.
  10. strength in the singular hope that maybe the stars don’t get to define us.
  11. that there is a story to be forged to the cadence of two hearts clipping to a singular beat – and they still beat.
  12. we could laugh in the face of the stars, but our hearts are too full to be bothered with them.
  13. this was never for them.
  14. these with all the cascading moments that found us interlocked in joyous purpose – these were for us – and nothing else matters.


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