Let me take you

Let me take you to a place where all the shadows play
Where the velvet hands of twilight hold the dawn at bay
Let me take you to a place that we were meant to see
A quiet breath of wind to wrap us carelessly
The darkness can’t compete with your enchanting eyes
Or the sprinkled specks of light that dot the ancient skies
Yet these precious lights have dimmed as if in armistice
To cease from fighting darkness and to sweetly rest
In this place our love can follow every warm desire
And our weary hearts can yield to passion’s playful fire
Let me pull you ever close, oh, let me feel you nearer
As our lips connect and intersect, I see us all much clearer
In this place where all the pressures of the world fade low
Troubles blurred and out of focus from our afterglow
Let me take you to a place where we are truly free
Let me take you to a world that’s built for you and me


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