Portrait of a Fallen (12/08/08)

Cleft To Wax

A glowing magenta flows,
from the petals of a broken rose,
as the moisture ebbs ever slowly,
leaving the leaves brittle and petals dry,
the beauty is fading from the petals,
And I found that only thorns remain,

oh rose! broken rose!
your crimson beauty fades,
The petal wilts,
Falls from your face,
Floats to the ground,
And then we erase,
All memory,
And cry out the sound,
As /the tomb swallows us,
In our manic depression,
Oh sepulcher save us,
Oh death come and take us,
Because we have forgotten,
Our first love,
Because we have forgotten,
What you have done,
Our hearts now are rotten,
You were our first love,
(He) came down from above,
In the form of a dove,
But when next you’re here,
We’ll tremble in fear,
We’ll scream out your name,
As the mountains cleft to wax,
And the stars stream to earth,
In picturesque hues,
Smashing our pulpits,
And burning our pews,
The “Christian” is burning,
He started the flame,
His flag is returning,
To his own shame.

He worshipped His cross,
And neglected his Christ…

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