In My Heart (2/12/09)

Verse 1
So here I am once again in the darkness of my heart
I’m searching for you, but the shadows keep me guessing
Of where you are,
Now I’m on my knees screaming in pain tears streaming down my face
I can only say one thing, Where are You?
And as I’m ready to give up and die
I see a light in the corner of my eye

Now I stand on my feet
Screaming your praises
Tears of joy stream down my face as I call out your name
Cause now I know you and now I know where You are
You’re in my heart

Verse 2
So here I am once again in the light of my heart
My search for you is over
Now the shadows disappear from the radiance of your love
And the devil appears bringing along my sin
But with a grin I turn my head

Verse 3
And he curses Your name
For taking me away
But I turn and run with haste
With a smile beaming on my face
And the shadows disappear
My eye sheds a tear, cause I know where You are,
Your in my heart

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