My Heart on Her Sleeve (4/10/09)

These eyes are sparkling with an innocent joy.
This life each breath embraces with a smile – wide eyed and wondered at a beautiful world; waiting and watching with picturesque anticipation for each for each new happenstance that is culminating in new discovery and self-fulfillment.

On one dark day, when darkness rose it’s ugly head, and bittersweet reality tore purity and innocence violently away, the smile faded and the tears began. They moistened and softened the dry, brittle earth, and slowly hardened this once innocent heart.

Now the tears have stopped. A certain bitterness has replaced this sorrow. A certain self-pity has developed into an emptiness that leaves one numb and lifeless inside.

Some have noticed this sad, fearful change, but they cannot know – they must never know. So, ’round the cavernous void of an empty, lonely heart, a fortress of mighty stone constructs, and dreams become safety; fantasy, security.

Now a shadow condemned to roam a loveless earth. Vanity, pride, and bitterness have molded this life into a dark veil of space; and one won’t even notice, unless one looks very, very close.

Can anybody hear the scream that she doesn’t even know she’s screaming?
Could anybody show her the reality of selfless love?

If time and space could fear erase,
How long until she’s given Grace?
I hold my breath and stand in place,
Until the day I see that face,
That, all her fear and pain erased,
The Hope within can break the walls,
And answer all her hurtful calls.

So, seven steps to Eternity,
Come before her now;
To see His perfect, selfless love,
And before His mercy bow,
And to know her own depravity,
That she’s depraved and small,
To call upon His sovereignty,
And let Him be her ‘All in All,’
And then to let her Mighty King,
Tear down her cold heart’s walls.

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