What Changed (7/20/09)

When we first met you were so beautiful to me
Your smile was so pretty, your eyes so dark and happy,
and your hair would glisten in the sun

You said you liked my laugh, my smile, the way my eyes
would light up when you walked into the room
Now those days are gone

You no longer look at me with the same fire in your gaze
Now, I would be lucky to get your attention passing you
on the street; and when we talk, it is as if we are strangers

You said that it would be ok–you just needed some time,
some space
I was ok with that

I could wait–you were so worth it; I was holding on to hope:
False hope
You told me you didn’t have feelings for me anymore; I just
wasn’t “the one”

All those notes you wrote me, the ones saying what you
admired in me and that you were thankful for having me
Now they mean nothing

Did you mean it at the time? or was I just another one of your
Every time I saw you my heart would stop for fear that its
beating would drown out any word you said

My heart still stops every time I see you, but only because
it hurts too much to remember the pain

What changed?


May 2, 2009

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