To the Logically Impaired

With such conviction do you speak,

Sincerest words fall dripping down.

Your aspect pure and humbly meek,

You’d claim to help and bind the weak,

That you may gain a perfect crown.


But men of straw aren’t hard to kill,

Your words destroy them where they stand.

For you their death must be a thrill,

Their arguments present you nil,

Just look at you, the victor grand!


And I like fish as anyone,

It does me good me thinks.

And though you try to cook me some,

I’m telling you, it’s overdone,

And your red herring stinks.


And if you must so greatly sweep,

O’er multitudes with lies,

It must be said your tactic’s cheap,

To mix your facts into a heap,

And grossly generalize.


All this to say, a better way,

Surely, there has to be.

If my mind you wish to sway,

Let yay be yay and nay be nay,

And please speak logically.


By J.D. Schofield

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