It’s not like I have never thought,

Of what the consequence may be,

To take the things that I’ve been taught,

And break them down internally,

Into their base atomic parts,

And how they cling to barren hearts,

To realize it’s all for naught,

Unless we hope to better be.


And so I spurn your neat construct,

That seeks so much to box me in,

I can see how you’re corrupt,

And I will not be held within,

Your mold of what you call ideal,

And seek to know which truth is real,

Your systems and your faith destruct,

Through war, and fear, and shame within.


I think of Eden’s simple song,

To love the God who placed you there,

To work and live, and do no wrong,

To cast on Him your every care,

To walk with Him in gardens cool,

Submit to His most loving rule,

The days were short, each moment long,

And precious was each breath of air.


But now we’ve built great walls of stone,

Behind which we can live alone,

To bow like slaves before a throne,

Of dusty books and all we’ve known,

To keep us from our brother’s home,

And let the lost in darkness roam.


Enjoy your most enlightened state,

Which lost its love and learned to hate,

But I for one, will seek to live,

As though in Eden and forgive.


~j.d. schofield

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