Pen a Poem by Proxy

Dear readers of destiny,

I am pleased to announce a new method of poeticizing!

It shall be a competition, of sorts! You can be featured on Rhyme Written In Red – In one of TWO WAYS!

A.) Pen A Poem by Proxy

– Leave a theme, a word, an object, a sentence, a person, a relationship, or an idea in the comments, and I shall select the most compelling and compose a piece of poetry for you, in your name and honor, to be featured on this blog! (be sure to leave your name, and something about your awesomeness, so I may attribute you.)

B.) Pen A Poem

-This really is nothing new to RWR, but recently there has been a dirth of submissions to our poetic archives! (Shame on you, I know you are writing!) If you should write a poem yourself, feel free to submit it to our Rhyme Written In Red staff for our review of your delightful works! We love reading and publishing your work, sharing it for all the world to see, and marveling at your insight into the beautiful bits of life that touch us all!

Thanks for reading, and post in the comments, or email your poem to!



2 responses to “Pen a Poem by Proxy

  1. I recently picked up a book with a title that caught my eye:
    “The Perils of Theological Inquiry”
    That phrase has stuck with me as I ponder the many pitfalls strewn across the path pursuing truth. Orthodoxy is a journey we’re all meant to take.
    Perhaps that thought might interest you, too.

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