We are all so lost.

The disjointed matter of our souls doth crack withal

And i’ the face of blessed time our marrow spoils and dies

I’faith, I do but fear we shall not reach a higher state

Where all virtue is full and fresh and in our veins

Too late, I fear, we come to righteousness

Like the haggard crow on carrion fed

Where once was life now lies corruption

Each sinewy limb o’r wrought with rot

And here engorge ourselves upon the flesh of sin

There is no path, no way, no life

And in our hot pursuit of all our precious passions

We have forgot that incorruptibility

That once defined our little race

And made us noble in the times of old

When brandished truth did mark our way

With fearless pride our love we showed

And unashamed we worked withal

Expedient to see the day 


j.d. schofield

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