inspired and adapted from Project 86’s “Chimes”



I hear a noise from the bell in the tower ringing
Summoning all mankind to forsake their sinning
To a place where they claim to pray
Where hymns are played
Where teaching never ceases and “night is day”
I’m dulling my senses away to move into their net
With my spirit aware of what they really meant
I hear a message, a damning voice start to rise
“Surrender all your thoughts and realize you’re blind
Tomorrow isn’t coming, so accept and fear.
The time is now, so give up all that you hold dear”
This hint of disaster is a man in a suit
As he grins, he pretends to proclaim the truth.

“I’ll take you to a place where hymns are playing
To a place where the truth are words we’re spraying
I’ll bring you to a state of fear engaging
Where your reasoning dies with lies I’m saying”

I’ll take you to a place where every seat is full
Where spirits like kindling dry and dull
And where the song of the hymns keep playing
And outside the stained-glass the demons are swaying
I see the eyes as they stare but the mind is empty
Now I’m defined by my lifeless state
By fear and hate
I’m dreaming about a second chance to find the truth
Rewind the clock and reclaim our youth

“So follow me, follow me,
follow me to truth and I’ll show you”

~by j.d. schofield

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