The Ode of the Coward

sunset ocean

I’m sorry

I wish there was a better way

I’ve damned our love by all I’ve done

And there’s little left for me to say

I look into your hurting eyes

Bloodshot with pain and such regret

To know it’s me that you despise

And it’s killing me, I realize

This is a pain you won’t forget

Perhaps there is another dimension

A parallel universe where we never meet

I bet your smile is beyond comprehension

And the whole of your life is tenderly sweet

Time moves real slow, and is full of bliss

You’re full of hope, and ever free

You never taste my Judas’ kiss

Never know the pain of loving me

But I know you live right here and now

And the fact is I just make you worse

So I’ll try to disappear somehow

To lift from you this painful curse

Since I couldn’t keep our simple vow

Try to forget me, as I release you

Try to move on, as I disappear


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