What it is to Burn

Like a fragment of dust floating deep into space

Enveloped in darkness, with no time or place

I wander, I drift through the chasms of time

I senselessly float with no reason or rhyme

If the cosmos is stretching so open and free

Then why do I feel so much pressure on me?


The weight of achievement can’t be mine to bear

This fearing of failure, of going nowhere

Could it be that I find my own identity

In something that transcends inadequacy?


There’s a sense in my being that there must be more

It’s a burning sensation I cannot ignore

So let me ignite all these visions in store

I can burn like the sun you have not seen before


Like a star that is casting its fingers of light

I will pierce through the darkness with hope burning bright

I am reaching with boldness out into the black

To find all the fragments and bring them all back

To give them a reason to light up the night

To stand up, and go out, and fight the good fight


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