Ghosts and Regrets


this is a far cry from reality

imbibing these dreams – my hallucination

you haunt the heart with desperation

the ghost of every memory

you walk the hollow, hallowed halls in my head

each step, a thunder-clap that resonates with the wailing dead

who stumble through corridors of my darkest vision

each chamber of thought, a blacker prison

the words you said – like ripples in a pool of tears

distort reflections of fonder years

in the deepest dungeon of my tortured mind

a table of the sharpest regret I ever find

it holds a feast of self loathing and pain

to remind me you’re not coming back again

 like a pathetic child I perform the ritual

reinforcing my fears has become habitual

I partake the bread  and resign myself to bitterness

to the salty crust of bitterness

I seemed doomed to ever succumb

thinking of what could have been

knowing I’m alone again

and damned to regret what I cannot forget

until my own ghost I become


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