It’s always hard to start

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I have just spent the last three hours watching Chuck reruns in order to avoid writing this first blog post. Staring out the window and mechanically taking in half a sleeve of coconut tea cookies between thoughts is also helping me delay the advent of what is about to happen. It’s like that Chuck episode where Charles Bartowski, the endearingly average Buy More employee, faces his fears, takes what little skills and knowledge he has, and with a nervous smile, takes on the bad guys, neutralizes the threat, saves the day, and maybe learns a little bit more about himself. Oh wait, that’s every episode. What I’m trying to say is that, like Chuck, I’m average (I know – try to keep your hats on), but maybe with a little bit of scary work I can discover something more. I posses average writing skills. But maybe not forever.”Maybe” because I’m…

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