To War With the Angel

With red hot aggression that surges within

I engage you to fight you and struggle to win

So here in the valley let chaos begin!

I challenge your nature to meet my demand

Let’s go hand to hand

Let’s go hand to hand

You summon the angel, and I’ll take my stand

Am I foolish to fight you? How can I prevail?

You command all of nature! Am I doomed to fail?

And yet I will fight in the wind and the rain

For you are the one who has authored my pain

By all of creation, by each crimson stain

I will not refrain

I will not refrain

I’ll fight through the night ’till you hear me again!

It’s not out of pride that I take you to war

For I am the channel through which you must pour

I’m your product of conflict, you shaped every pore

And this fire I’m feeling, you lit in my core

You’ve felt it before

You’ve felt it before

I won’t be the one you ignore anymore

In your name I am calling you out on your word

Every prophet and promise that I ever heard

I know you, I need you, my future is blurred

I’m demanding your blessing, I’ll not be deferred!

As the sun starts to rise, and my faith starts to grow,

I won’t let you go!

I won’t let you go!

Till you bless me and change me, your face to me show!


praying struggle dissatisfied burden petition fight conflict restless wrestle change conviction satisfy resolve war heart soul peace God man supernatural natural physical spiritual

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