A Great Gulf Fixed

There are vast worlds between you and I

Oceans of ideology to separate our individual hearts

I stand on my side of this wretched trench

This cavernous void

This seemingly infinite divide

And You? You stand on yours.

Our feet respectively entrenched in polarized perspectives

I gaze at your silhouetted shadow in the distance

You gaze at mine

We are so very different, it would seem

And thus to arms!

For tolerance is a one way street

When there is no truth but your own

And if peace is to be had, it will be at a needlessly bloody price

In this pathetic war we seemed doomed to repeat

The trebuchets of dogma

The catapults of vitriolic disdain

The cannons of fear

The artillery of belittling words and complex ideas

All locked and loaded – all aimed into the listless void

With these tools we shall each bridge this desolate gap

With fire and death

A regular battery of hate

An arsenal of juvenile stubbornness

To target our seemingly faceless foe

The gap provides convenient distance

For none can see a shadow weeping

No one can see the wounds that mark their opponents deeply

After relentless and spiteful assault

It is less difficult to sleep when your enemy has no eyes

A conscience can be tricked when the foe has not a face

After all, It is easier to war with a stranger

Than to heal the wounds of a friend.







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