Will it never be day?


We’ve lost this fight, my friends, we’ve lost

Surrendered the cause as we sheathed our old swords

The blood of the innocent painted on doors

Machines of decay grind the bones of the just

As we whore out the truth for our pejorative lust

Conscience – the luxury we cannot afford

We bend as we bow to tyrannical lords

Serfs flock to the castle for promised protection

The thickest of walls built to “keep out infection”

Like on sheep in a pen, they close iron gates

And we don’t even mind, as long as we’re safe

In addition to this selfish incarceration

That looks more and more like self deprecation

They’ve been poisoned with fear and a lustful starvation

The hollowest stomachs are hungry for blood

To eat all they kill and then bathe in the flood

In the wake of the carnage, the blackest disgrace is

 They will trot out tomorrow,

And their way shall be paved with colorless faces.



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