Ghosts in the Garden | Part III

the path wound lazily down – the garden behind us

and here we stood – for here she had stopped

the trees and the brush so dense in the night

the cool air offering up a claustrophobic stillness

a pervasive silence – almost oppressive

thank god for gentle waters tumbling near

the river could be seen through patches of forest

slivers of silver moonlight dancing

sparkling off the subtle waves through trees ahead

had she not an ethereal aura about her

she should have been perfectly silhouetted

a monochromatic luminescence emanating from her center

casting dullish light upon her incorporeal aspect

and I saw her

bright hair concealing softest features

over a milky shoulder an acknowledging glance was cast

i felt a surge of anticipation well within my core

excitement, wonder – a gentle terror

my skin falling chill from a wash of the void

and it did wash strong over me

the cadence of my breath quickening

the rhythm of my pulse – rising to crescendo

and all my faculties fully fixed to greet this muse

as she began to turn






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