I want to take take take
Your hand and start the motion
Want to pull pull pull
You with me to the highlands
We will run run run
Like foxes through valleys
Watch us skip skip skip
Like fairies ‘cross the islands
Where the ancient stones
Have stories for our journey
And we listen close
For movement in the mountain
Drinking clear cold wine
That bubbles from the river
And we run run run
In luminescent starlight
Giving chase to dawn
But never catching sunlight
Watch us run run run
In perfect pace forever
And at the end we fall
Together like a moment
In a heap of joy
And laughing for the pleasure
Stopping brilliant tears
That sparkle for the memory
And those prefect years
That never were too many
How we’d run run run
If only to be falling
Into desperate love
I find myself recalling
How you took my hand
How you took my hand
And ran with me





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