Saints and Sinners (04/07/09)

When God in his wisdom created man,
The end and the beginning were in his plan.
He knows the choice that each will make.
He knows the chance that each will take.
He waits patiently in his realm,
Although not stepping away from us,
He watches with his caring eye,
But helps when for help we cry,
He never more than forces us,
To make a choice, bad choices make,
The best of us our hearts to shake
With fear of punishment and pain,
Yet Christ allowed the blackened stain
To be washed away in blood.
The difference now betwixt the two,
These sinners and these saints,
Belongs to God alone, for you
Could never cleanse the stain.
The Sinners in death all were we,
Until the blood had made us clean.
The Saints became the holy ones,
To witness God’s deliverance…

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