Thoughts of You (4/07/09)

Memories begin to flood my mind
Of many failures and successes and
Of abundant victories and distresses.
And, yet, a comforting thought enters my mind;
In Christ, true joy and peace I find!
Now, new thoughts begin to flood my mind…

Thoughts of my Lord begin to overflow
Knowing that He existed before all creation,
And bestows His steadfast love on every kindred, tongue, and nation.
My sorrowful thoughts did my Lord overthrow
The mere fact alone is too awesome to know
And the joy and praise in my heart cannot help but overflow!

He is Creator and my Redeemer,
He created the world and saved it.
He is my Father, but also my friend,
He is my All in All, and I cannot comprehend it!

4 responses to “Thoughts of You (4/07/09)

  1. I totally forgot that I wrote this poem for your blog! I’m so glad that I found it. Thanks for keeping it up! I feel so honored πŸ™‚

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