The Moment I Tell You (8/20/09)

Beautiful, beatiful, beauty,
Vision inside of my head,
Walking in grace, and so lovely,
Painting these words that I’ve said;
Each tress catching sun like an ember,
Each limb shapely formed and designed,
Each eye like a spring in December,
Flowing ever fresh in my mind.
Purity transcends her glory,
Innocence covers her feet.
Humility writing her story,
One line at a time ’till complete.

She waits as she walks with the wind,
Wandering wastelands and wells.
Her fates, as they talk with the Tems,
Ring in her head like great bells.
They ring as they sing of the future;
They bang as they clang of the past.
The hum and the drum all around her,
Screams to her, “Put on your mask!”

The world and its wraiths have been watching,
Wondering when she will wane,
But deep in her heart she is clutching,
The Blade that will banish her bane.
For now it will sleep in dread silence,
Awaiting the day to be drawn,
But one day it shall cut the suspense;
Her spirit set free with the dawn.

Each ray of her being exploding,
And spilling into a dark Life.
Each breath that she takes now eroding,
The darkness, the hate and the strife;
And in sweet release she embraces,
The Knight with his shield broken down;
The visor, the helmet, the faces,
All undone, all seen through, on the ground.

Beautiful, beautiful, beauty,
I see you so oft’ in my mind.
You haunt my Life like a phantom,
A ghost that is Loving and kind.
You tenderly torture my reason,
Unkowingly suffer my soul.
You Shame me, convict me of treason,
And still you expel all that’s cold.

If words could express what I’m seeing,
Each time that I close these dark eyes,
The Hopes and the Dreams that are weaving,
And leaving me wondering why,
Then all of this world would be wanting,
And wishing that we would become,
The moment I tell you ‘I love you’,
Forever, eternally one.

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