Rhapsody of Renewal

I heard the door creak,

But I could not speak.

I heard the whispers in my head sayin’ that I’m weak.

I’ve waited too long,

And watched you do wrong.

I have debated – hesitated till my mind’s gone.

You say you’ve known me,

But all you’ve shown me

Is that you’ve got a certain talent to control me.

So as you step in,

Please, let me begin

To count the ways that you have taught me just to give in.

I used to be scared,

Thinkin’ that you cared,

But now I see you only wanted me to be snared.

Please understand this,

You were my mistress,

And there were moments when I thought I should resist this.

But you would sooth me,

And gently move me,

You said you loved me and that never would you lose me.

And I believed you,

That you would be true,

But now I’m bustin’ at the seams as I come unglued!

So listen closely,

To what you will see,

Is an edict written down for settin’ me free.

He said “I love you!”

And that he’d be true,

“And just to prove it I am going to forgive you!

I give you crimson,

For you to rinse in,

And then I’ll tear the bars away from this your prison!”

So please excuse,

You will not use me,

And by his Grace Alone you’ll never more abuse me!

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