Ode to My Guilt


Little demon in the corner,
Leaking cold and leeching light,
I hear you breathing in my ear,
I feel you feeding on my fear,
And up ’til now, I thought I couldn’t fight.

Little devil by my pillow,
Pretending sleep is victory,
Your grasp on me is wearing thin,
And fresher air calls, wanting in,
I’m not sure you can keep it all from me.

Little imp inside my mind now,
You got greedy, wanting more,
Reminding me of how I’m weak,
Each painful stab to keep me meek,
But lions prodded soon will turn and roar.

Little demon in the shadows,
Collecting much more than my due,
Quietly, I’m learning how,
And as you see, I’m angry now,
There isn’t space enough for both us two.

~By Amanda Gregory

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