Fundamentally Flawed

~Fundamentally Flawed~

“Hold the line!” the captains call,
“We must not budge an inch!
For onward comes a righteous brawl,
For which we’ve dug this trench!
The muddy field will scattered be
With bodies of our foes!
The bloody yield emphatically,
Will glory as it grows!”

Thus through the age their minions war,
For this their sacred thought,
To follow those who’ve gone before –
Traditions deeply bought.
They know the truth which they defend,
But do they know their foes?
For when in shame this war shall end,
They’ll see their vicious blows,
Had never struck the enemy,
But only allies dear,
This war is far from Heavenly,
And founded in mans’ fear.


~By Johnathan Schofield

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