I Have a Dream, You Have a Nightmare


To all those who hate:

A sideways glance, looking down on a brother

A hurtful phrase, a violent haze

The pitiful shame as we hate one another

The thoughts in your head are judgment enough

But you had to act out, and to shout

Just to show to the world that you think you are tough

Such a big person you are to cast the first stone

At the crumpled old man, where he stands

All he wanted from you was to be left alone

You’re so lost in your dogma, you’re so lost in your quest

To show to the world

Who is better and who’s best

But all that you’ve shown me by all of your hate

Is how little you are, and how far

You will desperately go to damn your own fate

The louder you shout, the less that I hear you

Within and without, I never can fear you

You’ve proven to me that you’re weak and pathetic

You’re losing this war, and it’s pretty poetic

To all the narrow minds:

I may disagree with you

That doesn’t mean I hate you

That doesn’t mean we can’t be friends

It doesn’t mean we must be enemies

Or bicker and slander each other’s good names

To discriminate is not wrong

To discriminate is fundamental to liberty

It is fundamental to life

Do not censor me

Because we disagree

Do not attack my rights

I’ve started no fights

I am not sorry if my beliefs offend you

My beliefs are not hostile in any way

They are simply mine

Are you really going to say that yours deserve special treatment?

Over mine?

And yet you accuse me of discrimination.

If you say yes and I say no

It simply means one of us is wrong

I do not mind if you think that it’s me

But do not be so arrogant

As to ask me to step down

Just because there are more who echo you

Than those who echo truth


Are you really willing to stake your beliefs on something as fragile as democracy?

As something as fickle as your heart?

If you are, than that’s okay

I choose something more absolute

Something a little more direct

Something proven in nature

Something proven in faith

Something written in time


It is illogical to assume

That I am antagonistic

Simply because we do not see eye to eye

In fact, I love you

Despite our differences

At our human cores

We look more alike than not

There is no truth without love

There is no love without truth


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