John The Beloved (Part II)


There are so many voices

So many screaming for attention

Confronting me with choices

Many more than I could mention

An ocean of chaotic change

Time flowing strange

The people coming, going

The way this world is waning

It’s beyond my comprehension

The rise and fall of my emotion

Feelings turbulent and so sublime

Surging like the deep, dark ocean

The crests and troughs of liquid time

I’m puzzled like a shipwrecked sailor

Afraid of failure

To sink beneath the icy waves

To  view these strangers’s graves

And drown in the comotion

But though the waters wear me thin

And I feel often hopeless

I know my friend you’ve always been

The constant in my chaos

I never doubt that you are with me

We’ll make it safely

Two comrades drifting toward the shore

No matter where we’ve sailed before

We make each other fearless


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