The Apple Tree (part I)

apple tree

(The Wonderful Adventures of Alice and Elliot)

A: Who are you?

E: Elliot. My name is Elliot.

A:  Where did you come from? I’ve never seen you before?

E: I live here – well, up there. I live up there.

A:  In the apple tree?

E: Why not? I like it there. Where do you live?

A: Um…. Well, I . . . uh. . . I live back there.

E: In that old house?

A:  Yeah.

E: I heard screaming over there. Are you okay?

A:  I guess so. Are you real? I’ve never seen you before.

E: I told you, I live in the apple tree.

A: That seems really strange to me.

E: You live in a house with screaming, that seems strange to me.

A: I didn’t choose my house, Elliot. Just ‘cause I live there doesn’t mean I like it.

E: I chose this tree. I chose it because I like it here. Hey, what’s your name, anyway?

A:  Alice. My name is Alice.

E: Would you like to see my house, Alice?

A: That’s silly. You’re being silly. If you live in the apple tree, like you say, then we are already here.

E: Not yet. We’re only just outside my home, Alice. Can you climb?

A: Um…. I’ve never really tried.

E: Watch this!

A:  Wow! How did you do that? I couldn’t reach that branch if I jumped my highest!

E: Sure you can! Here, let me help you. You can jump up to my hand at least – can’t you, Alice?

A:  I don’t know…

E: Whoa! Who was that?! Is that your dad?

A:  Um… Yeah. He’s pretty mad.

E: He sure can yell, can’t he?

A:  Yeah… I guess so.

E: What’s he mad about?

A:  Well, it’s something I did… He’s mad at me….

E: Never mind, Alice. That’s boring. Are you gonna visit my house or not? I don’t have all day, you know.

A:  Okay. You’ll help me up, then?

E: Sure.

A: You won’t drop me?

E: I will never drop you, Alice.


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