The Angel With The Red Cape

Shhhh, it’s OK sweetheart.

Shhhh. Don’t cry. . . Don’t cry.

Look at the clouds, baby. How white they are today!

See that one? It looks like an angel – don’t you think?

Do you smell that air? Try to smell past the smoke, love.

I think that’s the Channel, right? Can you smell the salt?

It’s rather cool for August, isn’t it?

Autumn will be here soon. Quite soon.

What a lovely fall we shall have!

Oh, darling. I know it hurts. I know. Hush now.

I’ve got you. Hold my hand.

Look at me. Look in my eyes.

Don’t look away.

Try and relax.

You’re going to get out of here, ok?

Wait! Would you look at that! A smile?

Has anyone told you how handsome you are?

I can only imagine what you must look like in a sharp suit.

This bloody drab is doing you no favors.

No, sweetheart, let go of that.

You don’t need that anymore.

Let it lie in the mud. You’ve done your job.

Look where it’s got you, silly.

You were so, so brave.

But you don’t need to be brave anymore.

That’s it. There you go.

Close your eyes.

Rest now.


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