Turbulent Serenity 

silent steps in the darkness

such quiet stillness in this place

an unspoken power veiled in shadow

cold and not dead

an epic void encased in darkness 

worlds wrapped in unseen walls

a living expanse –  dramatic, kinetic

silently charged 

brimming with explosive calm

infused with rhythm

turbulent serenity

and you hear them

the silent orchestra

the tuneless symphony

the voiceless choir

their still movements swelling 

the rise and fall of deafening silence

a chorus of chaotic tranquility

you are assimilated into this place

with all its melancholy romance

once the sole spectator

now the lone participant

you take that first critical step

and with it conjure movement

a singular ripple in an ocean of nothing

a subtle stirring of the quiet darkness

a passionate embrace of the hollow void


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