No choice for sailors 

I won’t bid you farewell, Captain

What can I say? 

You believed in me 

Though in the end I’ve seen us sinking 

I believed in you

There’s nothing wrong with losing

For if it weren’t for breathing 

We would surely drown 

Out of time. Without place.

Touching without feeling

Across an ocean of empty space

Such a simple voyage. Such incredible cost. 

there’s nothing wrong with us, Captain 

Our hearts are restless, but never lost. 

Victims of unfortunate irony

Ballads etched in stars 

never meant to shine for us

We navigate by them regardless

Choices ending in infamy 

But that is not enough to crush these

The vibrant cords of our affection

Binding two hearts into singular rhythm

Like two sails fixed upon the same mast

The cadence of our breathing

lockstep with the westward winds

For when dreams are what fill the canvas 

There is no choice for sailors 

But to adjust course, 

And let the deep currents take us where they will

Thus in this dark expanse we’re cast adrift

Isolated on our little bark together

We’ll float upon this fragile vessel

For as long as she may hold us

And chase the horizon, you and I

Until we find where sea meets sky


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